Guidance on XLRI's Asynchronous Online Interview

What are asynchronous online interviews?

These are interviews done online where the interviewer is not present at the same time as the interviewee. The questions are pre-recorded ( either in written format or video ) and shared with the interviewee, the candidate needs to answer them. The video is auto-captured by the interview platform. This will be evaluated later on.


  • Number of questions-8 questions
  • Duration- 3 minutes per question (XLRI expects the interviewee to speak for min of 2 minutes, the rest they can use to think ie if needed )
  • Can be taken on computer or mobile phone.
  • Helpline numbers are provided by XLRI in case of any technical issues.

Candidates who have been shortlisted for the GMP program ( 1 year executive MBA program ) have recently undergone this process. They will, in addition to this, also undergo the regular GD/PI process. The following were some of the questions asked to them in this round

  • Mention an occasion when your integrity was tested?
  • How did you deal with conflict of interest with your boss?
  • How did you handle a lot of paperwork during your work?
  • Did you support your colleague during tough times, if yes, how?
  • Can cocurricular activities and academics be handled simultaneously?
  • When your boss was not happy with your work, how did you deal with it?

Note- Since GMP shortlisted candidates have min 5 years of work ex, they had almost all the questions pertaining to their work experience, it may not be the case for BM and HRM shortlisted candidates.

The following are a few of the expected questions and some insight into how to answer them

  • Tell me something about yourself?

Introduce yourself and then highlight all the positive aspects about yourself. You may include information about your work related achievements, academic achievements, hobbies, interesting experience you had in life which are worth mentioning etc

  • Why do you wish to pursue MBA program?

Mention how you developed interest towards MBA, what are your career goals and how MBA helps you in achieving those goals. You can also highlight what are you looking forward to learning with a MBA program.

  • What are your short term and long term goals?

You need to highlight your career goals. Usually short term goals refer to your goals in the next 5 to 10 years, where as the long term goals would refer to goals that you have kept yourself in the next 15- 20 years. Students with more experience ( 2+) need to have more clarity on this, when compared to students who do not have lot of experience.

  • Why BM/HRM program?

You may explain what aspects about these programs attract you and how they will help you in achieving your career goals. You could add a couple of lines about "why XLRI". 

  • Mention an occasion when your integrity was tested?

Speak about an incident from your personal or professional life where your integrity was tested ( for instance someone offering a bribe at work place and you not accepting it or somebody demanding a bribe to get some work done ).

  • Can cocurricular activities and academics be handled simultaneously?

Yes would be the recommended response, but you need to explain how ( importance to time management, being proactive, prioritization of tasks etc ).

  • Were you ever in ethical dilemma, how did you resolve it?

B-schools give lot of importance to ethical conduct, while you must give an example from personal life but you must not reveal any unethical conduct of yours.

Please note that all the inputs that we give to our students for regular PIs are still valid for the asynchronous interviews. No additional inputs are needed. The way in which the interview is done is the only parameter that has changed.

The following are a few guidelines for taking this asynchronous online interview

  • Wear a formal dress
  • Be well groomed
  • Make sure you have good internet connectivity ( min 1 MBPS recommended by XLRI ).
  • Make sure that the microphone and camera of your device are functional 

  • Prepare answers for probable questions, but do not memorise them.

  • Use short sentences. 
  • Do not panic if you get a new question which you did not prepare for, think for a few seconds before answering.
  • Keep the helpline numbers handy, reach out to the XLRI helpdesk if needed.
  • If using a mobile phone for the inverview, pease make sure that it is not hand held but is placed (without any movement) at a fixed location. This would make the video look stable and allow the viewers (professors who evaluate the video) to focus on the response without any distraction
  • Speak loudly and clearly so that your voice gets captured properly in the video.

Note- Since these answers are being shared by the student before the regular GWPI round, it would be advisable for the student to prepare thoroughly and take the interview carefully as they may face further questions based on these answers in the actual interview later on.