FMS Delhi admission criteria - MBA (2018-20)

FMS Delhi has made the following changes to its selection process.

  • 3 additional marks for gender diversity will be given to female applicants during the shortlisting stage
  • 10th and 12th marks are being considered as parameters ( in addition to CAT/GD/PI ) during the final selection stage.

This year's admission process for the MBA program comprises two stages.

  1. Shortlisting candidates for GD/PI round.
  2. Final Selection of candidates post GD/PI round

Shortlisting candidates for GD/PI round-

A composite score shall be computed giving the following weightages to the normalised scores of VRC, DILR and QA sections as provided by the CAT Centre for the CAT 2017 Examination for candidates who apply to FMS:

  • VA/RC- 40%
  • QA-30%
  • DI/LR-30%

Composite Score = 0.4(Normalised score in VA/RC section) + 0.3(Normalised score in DI/LR section) + 0.3(Normalised score in QA section)

An additional 3 marks shall be added to the Composite Score so computed in case of women candidates for the purpose of shortlisting. This composite score shall be used only for shortlisting the candidates for Interview Process.

Final Selection of candidates post GD/PI round

Weightages given to different parameters for final selection

ParameterWeightage (Percentage)
Personal Interview15
12th score5
10th score5

An additional 3% of the maximum aggregate marks shall be awarded to the women candidates who appear for the interview while drawing the list of selected candidates.

To conclude, one important observation about this year's selection process is that the total weightage for parameters which are controllable ( CAT,GD,Extempore and PI ) in the final selection stage has been kept at a whopping 90%. This ensures that the applicants, who do not have a good academic profile or work experience can still aspire to join FMS Delhi by preparing well for CAT 2017, GD,Extempore and PI rounds.