TISSNET - 2018 Analysis

TISSNET 2018 was held on Saturday, Jan 6th 2018. The structure of the exam was same as that of the last year ( except for name of one of the section ). The test had 3 sections: General Awareness,Quantitative Ability, and Verbal ability. The pattern of the exam was as below:

Section No. of Questions Total Marks
General Awareness 40 40
Logical Reasoning - Quantitative aptitude-Data Interpretation 30 30
Verbal ability 30 30

The overall time duration for answering the test was 100 min. All questions carried equal marks and there was no negative marking. There was no sectional time limit and the candidates could move freely across the sections. With no sectional cutoffs expected, it was advisable for the students to maximise their overall score.

General Awareness

This section had 40 questions. Most of the questions were from the current affairs and very few were from static GK. The questions were from wide array of topics ranging from social and cultural issues, National policies/campaigns, literary/art, sports, awards and history. Since there was no negative marking, students could have attempted all the questions. A student with decent preparation could expect a 60 to 70% accuracy. A score of around 25 out of 40 can be considered to be good in this section.

Quantitative Ability

The section was easy in terms of difficulty level. Almost all the questions were manageable. The questions were from variety of topics as given below

A score of 22-25 can be considered to be a good score in this section.

Area Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Set Theory 1 Easy
Clocks and calendar 3 Easy
Series 3 Easy-Medium
Odd man out 2 Easy
Data Interpretation 6 Medium
Mixtures and alligations 1 Medium-Difficult
Progressions 1 Medium
Statistics 1 Easy
ERPV 5 Easy-Medium
Direction sense 1 Easy
Deductions 1 Easy
Trigonometry 1 Easy
Miscellaneous 4 Medium

Verbal Ability

This section comprised 30 questions, out of which there were 10 on reading comprehension. The RC passages were about 200-250 words long, compared to about 350 words last year. Most of the questions in this section were of easy to moderate level. The break-up of the questions from various areas is as under:

Topics Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Reading Comprehension (2 passage) 10 Easy-Moderate
FIBs 9 Easy-Moderate
Sentence correction 3 Moderate
Error identification 4 Moderate
Synonyms based questions 3 Moderate
Logical connectives 1 Moderate

A good score in this section would be around 25. A serious aspirant would be able to tackle most of the questions within 35 to 40 minutes.

With General Awareness being slightly tougher than last year, we expect the overall cutoff ( for general category ) for the MA in HRM and LR program to slightly drop compared to last year. The cutoff is expected to be in the range of 72+/-2 marks.