Analysis -MAT Sep'2016


Number of Questions 200
Marking Scheme 1 mark per question
Negative Marking 0.25 marks per question
Number of Sections 5
Number of Choices 4(1.2,3,4)
Duration 150 minutes

This MAT exam, conducted on 4th Sep 2016, had 200 questions to be attempted in 150 minutes. These 200 questions were from five test areas viz. Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment with exactly 40 questions in each. Each question had equal marking and one-fourth mark was deducted for every wrong answer. For the sake of convenience, 1 mark has been taken for every correct answer.


The consolidated score is evaluated by taking only four areas into account. Indian and Global Environment (GK) is not the part of the consolidated score. Hence, the scoring is done out of a maximum possible score of 160 marks(@1 mark for 160 qs). However, the score card(by AIMA) doesnot give the net marks. It gives the scaled score and the percentile in each and every section. It also gives the overall composite score and the overall percentile. A net score in excess of 61 marks (excluding the score in GK) is considered to be a very good score.

Let us analyze the different types of questions from each of the test area along with the overall difficulty level of each of the test area.


The section had questions from the Arithmetic areas like (Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Mensuration, Time and Distance, Simple Equations, Ratio, Proportion, Variation). The questions involved only the basics and those who would have done adequate practice would have found those questions quite doable. The success in this particular test area depended on one's basic conceptual skills, and calculation skills. Overall, the test area can be classified as MODERATE- DIFFICULT.A good time allocation strategy would be to spend around 35-40 min for a very good net score of 16.

Arithmetic Time & Work, Pipes and Cisterns 8 Moderate -Difficult 13
Time & Distance, Boats and Streams 5
Simple Equations, Ratio, Proportion, Variation 5
Percentages, Profit, Loss, Partnership 5
Geometry & Mensuration 4
Averages 2
Simple Interest, Compound Interest 3
Higher Math Trigonometry, Heights and Distance 3 Moderate 2
Permutation and Combinations 1
Probability 4

Overall 40 Moderate -Difficult 15

As shown in the table below, this test area comprises DI, DS and Data Comparison, with DI accounting for 30 out of 40 questions while DS and Data Comparison put together accounting for the remaining 10 questions. The questions in DI involved were of standard model -based on observation, calculations like comparison of fractions, computing the average, percentage based calculations etc.Overall, this test area can be considered to be Moderate. A good time allocation strategy would be to spend around 35-40 min for a good net score of 17. More than 30 questions (in DI/DS) were same as those asked in an earlier year – May 2015.

Data Interpretation There were two pie charts (Distribution of employees in a BPO for the years 2014 and 2015) 5 Moderate 13
The questions were based on data given in the form of Bar Graph + Pie Chart. Bar Graph gave the turnover of various items (five different products) while the pie chart gave the percentage turnover of each item in India. 5
The set was based on the data given in the form of bar charts (Revenue, Expenses, profit for a period of six months for a company) 5
The data presented in the form of 3 line charts (giving the exports of a product from January to June in the form of 3 line graphs). Exports of another product B specified in the form of a table. 5
The data was pertaining to caselet (total sales revenue for a supermarket chain for six different years given) 5
The data presented in the form of 3 line charts (giving the FDI Inflows to India, Kenya, Tanzania) 5
Data Sufficiency & Data Comparison Data Sufficiency-> Each qs followed by two statements, A and B. 5 Moderate 4
Data Comparison 5
Overall 40 Moderate 17

This sections was a mix of Analytical Reasoning (27 questions) and Critical Reasoning (13 questions). A good time allocation strategy would be to spend 30-35 minutes on this section. Overall, the questions were of a moderate level of difficulty. Questions of topics like Blood Relations and Direction Sense were easy, but the questions on Distribution can be classified as moderate – difficult. A net score of 20 or more can be classified as a good score in this section.

Analytical Reasoning (Puzzles) -Individual Questions 10 Moderate 15
Blood Relations 2
Direction Sense (individual question) 2
Venn Diagrams 2
Comparison 1
Cubes/Dice 1
Quants Based Reasoning 3
Sequence 1
Seating Arrangement (Circular) 5
Critical Reasoning Courses of Action 5

Assertion and Reasons 3 Moderate 5
Cause & Effect 5
Overall 40 Moderate 20


This section comprised a total of 40 questions. There were a total of 20 questions from RC area and 20 questions from Verbals as outlined below.

A)Reading comprehension:A total of 20 questions

  • Passage I: It wasbased on the theme "Fall out of the pay Commission".
  • Passage II: The passage was based on "China blocking India's NSG membership"
  • Passage III: The passage was based on "Govt regulation and Information Communication Technology growth (GPS Bill)"
  • Passage IV: The passage was based on "Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code"

B)Best essence: There were a total of 5 questions, with medium level difficulty.

C)Fill in the blanks: There were a total of 5 questions, each with two blanks.

D)Sentence error(5 qs): Each sentence was broken down into four parts labeled (1), (2), (3), (4).

E)Para formation questions: There were a total of 5 questions


The questions in this test area were, predominantly, from business, current affairs, Person and their associated fields, etc. Those who read newspapers on a regular basis will find this area comfortable. Overall this test area can be classified as Moderate. It is to be noted that the marks scored in this section is NOT counted in the consolidated score. A good time allocation strategy would be to spend around 5 minutes.